Apple Email

After the latest update my account has stopped receiving and sending email. Any one got a fix?

Sorry to say, but I am so glad I’m not the only one! I have tried everything (almost) possible to fix it!! All day long! I posted on…
I will let you know if I receive any answers first, please do the same for me.
Thank you.

are you getting any error messages? Could you post here the text from the tab Logs in the Operations window? Thank you.
You can eventually try to delete the domain part of your username in the account settings and let me know if it works.

Richard, is this working for you yet?

Nothing new as of yesterday. Tried deleting account and starting again. Recognises everything when set it up but then nothing further.

Contact me please at [email protected] - I will send you further instructions.

OMG It works!! Thank you Juraj!
The problem was that I was using upper and lowercase letters in my userid. When switched to all lowercase, it worked. YAYYY!!