App is Lagging Constantly Throughout the Work Day

Hi, the longer I use this app the more and more lag I get. It’s gone from a once or twice a day nuisance to nearly every time I need to use the app–and I use it all day long. Randomly, the inbox view very frequently freezes up for upward of 20-30 seconds and I have to wait patiently before I am able to do anything with the interface. I don’t see a pattern too it other than it seems to be happening more and more. I do not have conversations enabled. I’m hoping someone has a solution to this because I really don’t want to have to switch apps, but I’m coming to the end of my patience with this. Thanks for your time!

I have this problem too, but it does not trouble me much because I don’t handle many emails. It only started to occur recently, about the same time as the latest Win 10 update. Significant, or just a coincidence ?

Some things you can check:

  1. Make sure that diagnostic logging is not enabled. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Advanced > Logging and untick everything.

  2. Turn off conversations in Menu > View > Conversations.

  3. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Synchronization and make sure that the sync interval is not too short. This is for syncing POP3 accounts and calendars and contacts.

  4. If your database is stored on an old-tech mechanical disk, consider moving it to an SSD.

  5. Close eM Client and run C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\DbRepair.exe.

  6. Go to Menu > Tools > Operations, and see if there are any errors in the Log tab.

Hi all just adding my similar experience.
Running latest eM client (Windows Store) on Surface Pro 7 (Core i7 10th Gen + 16GB RAM).
I just love the functionality of eM client but lag is unbearable on otherwise strong machine.

The Store version of eM Client is quite a few releases behind what is available for download from the Release History. It may be that you will find better performance with the regular version.

Tried them both - no difference. I would really love to get to the bottom of this and understand why is the lag there - almost like it runs in some emulator. I have no Win Defender or other AV software, just clean, unbloated Win 10

Maybe you could describe exactly what you mean by lag. 

Apologies - should have been more descriptive, but did not want to start new thread.
Its better described as stutter during changes between mail, calendar and contacts screens.

I don’t get that on this test machine which is an i5, so an older slightly slower processor than yours Nick. I do have 32GB RAM though, but I don’t think that really makes a difference in this regard. What does make a huge difference is the hard disk. The Surface Pro should have a fairly decent SSD, so that is unlikely to be your issue. The others who began this thread did not say what they have, but if they are using older tech, like mechanical disks, and especially the slower RPM disks that were common in laptops or budget PCs, that could be the problem.

The Surface Pro also has CPU throttling, so make sure that is turned off and see if there is any difference. Could be the difference between the top speed of 3.9GHz, and a throttled speed of 500 MHz.

eM Client is also tested on a fully updated OS, so see if you have any updates that need attention.

Also check that the display driver is updated.

Hi thanks - not applicable to this case.
Surface Pro 7 strongest model (i7 1065G7)- with undervolt applied - so 0 throttle.
On hardware or Win 10 (debloated, no AV) side there is no suspicious factors.

What I would flag is that I use AdGuard DNS applied to my Wifi connection - so can try that.

My view is still that eM uses some heavier theming engine or simply slows down with larger inboxes.

Maybe “debloated” is the issue and you have inadvertently removed something that is essential to the smooth running of the application. 

I don’t think that your connection to the Internet, or the size of the database will in any way affect or cause a stutter when changing sections of eM Client.

Thanks - this is not useful.
I just shared experience - and instead I get personal high-level sales-rep diagnostics.
If you dont have better answers - I sadly start to see your repliesas collecting posts.

Yes, that is the purpose of this forum; users post their issues and other users offer diagnostics to solve them. What did you expect?

Ah, sorry - for a moment - based on naive diagnostics I thought you were just a bot.
Apologies - and let me give some time back to you…