AOL error message

I keep getting the red exclamation point when em client tries to connect to my aol account. If I click it to try again, it works, so it appears that it happens when em client tries to synchronize automatically. I’ve used the settings aol recommends and that work with Thunderbird, etc. You’ve had similar complaints on a regular basis on this support site but the discussions end without a resolution. This is a major problem, please resolve.

I can add some more information to my message on the AOL error. I have timed reception of new email, and em client takes 2 to 5 minutes to receive the new email (sometimes with the red exclamation point happening first and sometimes not) while my Iphone and Thunderbird receive the AOL email with no delay. I have other accounts on em client that receive with no delay, so it is clearly the implementation of AOL that is at fault.

We are trying to find a solution but it is not so easy as it seems to be. Anyway, you can expect it in the next major update. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

I’m having a problem with AOL too, is there any news on a fix? eM client won’t sync sub-folders and I get the red exclamation mark too! I’ve just swapped from outlook which worked fine. I cross checked the settings and they are the same.

What happens when you click the red exclamation mark? Does the messages get downloaded?

It says downloading subfolders then comes up with an operations error saying can’t be downloaded.

OK, send us your IMAP logs please so we can analyze them. Thank you.

To what email address?

[email protected] It is already filled in the draft message which appears after you click the “Send logs” button.