Anytime i receive a mail i can't see the body of the message.

Anytime i receive a mail i can’t see the body of the message. it will be taking so much time to load. i dn’t know what to do

I have the same issue. While emclient is syncing I cannot read emails or even type new emails. It seems it cannot multitask correctly and certain functions are locked until syncing is completed. This is an issue for me since uploading and downloading should be done in the background at all times and not stop me from reading already downloaded emails or creating new emails.

Hello Ed,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Do you see the loading wheel? It should be possible to read and write e-mails during the synchronization, what you describe is by no means standard behavior. If the program simply freezes, we would ask you to download this tool and run it while it’s frozen. It will create a .txt file called “eM Client Stack date time”. Please send it to with a link to this thread and we will look into it.


Thanks Maurice.  This happens to me on both licensed and free versions on 2 different laptops.  What I do notice is that when I am only able to see the header and not the body, there are black dots at the top of the email that run across the screen as if its trying to load the body of the message.  But it will not load the body until sync is completed.  Same with composing a message.  I can start a message then it will freeze up until sync is done then its fine.   So emclient is not really stopping or freezing up totally at times, it just is waiting for something else to complete.  Now, there is one situation where I will shutdown the app and restart the app and its totally fine again. 

But let me get the stackdump app and run it when I see the problem next time so you can review the data.

Hello Koke,

Could we please ask how many accounts do you have and how are they set up (IMAP, EWS, …), if you download messages for offline use, whether the application freezes, what is the usage of CPU in Task Manager when it happens?

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I have the same problem.