Anything wrong with version 7..235542.0?

I found out today, that version 7.2.35542.0 has been removed fron the Release History. Is there anything wrong with that version, so that I should revert to v. 7.2.355056.0?

Hi Pefunk,

No, there’s nothing wrong with this version. It’s a service build and we just added another update to this version so it will be published again with the higher numbering.


Shortly after reading your reply, i visited the Release History again and found Version 7.2.35576.0, which I subsequently installed.
But today I find that all three versions memtioned above (…576…556, and …542) have been removed from your homepage and the latest version offered dates from March 2019 (7.2.355128.0).
Could somebody please explain to a simple user like myself the reasoning behind all this in simple words?