Anyone using eM Client with Zimbra CS?

Is there anyone out there using eM Client with Zimbra Collaboration Server? Zimbra supports CalDAV and CardDAV and standard email protocols. Looks like a slam dunk, but I don’t see any posts about Zimbra in these forums, nor does the Zimbra forum have much about eM Client. Any one with any real experience to share?

I’m using it, it works just fine.

I have it set up for syncing my calendar and my personal contacts, but does anyone know the DAV URL to use to access a global contact list, such as would be set up for a company-wide directory? I can’t seem to find docs on that anywhere.

I’m guessing everyone is using the imap/smtp then setting up 2 separate Caldav Carddav settings for calender and contacts, would be great if they could use active sync. I don’t see any need for us to encourage using this product, especially now that windows8 easily supports zimbra out of the box.

Hopefully they’ll add a plugin/feature that will only require 1 account being used for zimbra moving forward.