anyone had the misfortune to down load the recent update?

anyone had the misfortune to down load the recent update? A new version designed by a 5 year old who believes in hiding the “Send & Receive” button. Message for em Client:- “If it ain’t broke, Don’t mend it!” Please send back to me the previous version.

“…who believes in hiding the “Send & Receive” button.”
It is prominently there, called “Refresh”

Silly me. I hadn’t realised the five year olds had been let loose on the site. As someone who speaks English I expect Refresh to mean just that. “Refresh”

They are czech

Ahh. Land of the ‘Refreshed’ SKODA

Hello Martin,
the Send and Receive name caused confusion for users who did not have a POP account set up.
It was changed due to making more sense with the modern mail protocols.


This is an email programme. One writes and ‘Sends’. Or ‘Receives’.
What is the point of having a Language if you are not going to use it properly.
‘Send & Receive’ has NOTHING to do with ‘Refresh’.

Actually, I have to agree with Olivia on this. In all except POP3, the server is sending the email and pushing receipts to the client. The client merely syncs with the server. Therefore, the term “Refresh” is actually more appropriate. In any event, this is a systematical discussion that has nothing to do with the proper use of English.

If you are looking for a location, in this case ‘Send & Receive’ you don’t look in ‘Refresh’. The same as; if you’re looking for a public toilet you don’t look for a ‘shop’. Even though there may be one there. We’re not talking about what the client does, but how you point the ‘user’ (me, an English speaking non-technocrat) to the correct location for ‘Send & Receive’. Easy. A button called ‘Send & Receive’.

I respect your opinion.

Hello Martin,
the link to eM Client 6 is still available on our website :
Right under the main download button.
You will need to uninstall version 7 first.