Any way to only monitor inboxes for unread mail? Not junk or trash folders?

First of all fantastic program love it.

Is there any way to ignore the unread messages in the trash and junk folders and not display those in the count for the unread smart folder?

No, there is not.  I just make it a habit to “Mark all messages as read” in those folders.

Yes - it’s very annoying to see unread from trash. My opinion - it’s  a BUG or must be an option to ignore those.

It is not a bug, it is an intentional feature. In your other comment at I hopefully explained the logic. :slight_smile:

EMC appears to be a great client! 
But this is not okay, I have 25 unread in inbox and 1920 unread in the unread folder. Unread should only check the inbox. Sometimes you sort email like confirmations etc wo reading them. Since I already own outlook I think I will revert back. Fix this and make it easy to change language or detect language automatically. Now it is like 6 steps, 2 clicks and move cursor 4 times. (and you cannot add it to the tool bar either) Just one button to toggle between 1-3 selected languages would help.