Any way to disable updates?

Hi. Something that really annoys me - I often get popup notifing me of updates available. Any way to disable this?

Unless you’re using Em for something ridicilous like FB, this kind of app should never need automatic updates.
Receiving and sending e-mails is a rather basic task.

These automatic updates contain useful improvements and fixes so it is highly recommended to use the latest version of eM Client. On the other hand, you should not get these popups often - updates are usually released once a month.

I’m fully satisfited with eM client, but there must be a way to disable the automatic search for updates. How can I stop it? I want to keep the version I have, all new updates are for Mac or fix some iusses that I don’t have. So…how?

I don’t think you can disable the check for updates.

Updates are not for the ‘Mac’ however: as eM Client only works on Microsoft Windows.

Hi, there’s no Mac version of our application so no updates are for mac, all the fixes are very important for the application, but if you’re satisfied with the version you’re currently using send me your email address that you’ve registered the account to and we can turn off automatic updates in our licensing system.

Thank you,