Any way of stopping this?

Any way of stopping details of links on mail showing when hovering mouse over

Do you have your Settings > Mail > Privacy set to block?

Yes its set to block unsafe content, its just annoying this pops up on all links on a e-mail. I am using the latest version 7.2.35128.0 but it did it on earlier versions

Ahh I see now that you’re using it on a Mac, yes? On the PC version it still shows the link but it does not get in the way as the link is displayed in a thin banner at the bottom of the relevant window so it is not obtrusive.

Maybe an idea to requested a change to appear similar to the PC would suit or did you want to remove it completely? It is useful to check the link appears to correspond to where you expect it to.

Yes its on a Mac sorry for not stating that, I also use eM Clint at work on a PC and as you say the link doesn’t get in the way, on the Mac it sometimes near impossible to click the link as the description stops you doing it. I am surprised no one else has commented on this, its annoying …

Hello John,

Thank you for reporting this behaviour. I can confirm it and I forwarded it to our UI developers.