Any suggestions on how to send to the correct contact?

This is not EMClient’s fault, but I need a fail safe for myself.

I run a small bookkeeping company and each client has given me an email under their domain.  One of the reasons EMClient is my goto email client.

But, now I have a contact at two different clients.  She has two different email addresses like me.  I have accidentally sent emails about a client to the wrong email address.   I don’t want to keep doing this and piss her off.  Any suggestions how I could set up a filter and only see contacts for the account I am sending from?

I tried setting up a rule, but that is only after the message has been sent, so it’s too late.

I would be interested if anyone else has a workaround for this as eM Client does not have such a feature.

About all you can do is use a delayed send, then if you have used the wrong address, you can always change it if your realize in time. But I don’t think you can set delayed as default, it is probably easier to get into the habit of checking the address before clicking Send, than to use the extra clicks to set the delay each time.

Thunderbird has an addon that asks for confirmation of the address when you click send, and some of the Linux clients have similar options to check the address before sending. They also have the function to automatically use a specific from address depending in the receiver, but I have not seen it the other way around.

Yes, I already use the delayed send now.   I did it by setting EMClient to NOT send immediately.  It has saved me for this reason, plus forgetting attachments numerous times.   

I was hoping I could restrict the available contacts to the account I am sending from.   

Of course this only happens with a New message.  Replies are not a problem.

One solution I thought of, which would require some set-up to implement, would be to add a prefix the names of specific groups of contacts to ‘group’ them.

If the prefix contains a string which does not normally appear in names, then eM Client will list them as you type in the ‘To:’ field.

For instance;
for Group 1, a prefix of g1:
for Group 2, a prefix of g2:
… and so forth.

When typing in the address into the ‘To:’ field, entering g1: , eM Client would start to produce a list of contacts with the g1: prefix; ie.
g1: Fred
g1: Tony
g1: Sally
… then you just pick the one you need.

The choice of prefix is abjuratory, but the use of a symbol character in the prefix should prevent result hits from other names in other groups. A prefix like ‘ev!’ would probably work equally well as a contact name is unlikely to contain an exclamation mark. ‘and’ would be a poor choice of prefix as contact names like ‘Andrew’, ‘Sandra’ etc, would be presented as choices by eM Client.

I hope that makes some kind of sense…

Obviously, there would be a need to set up a few contacts, if this solution was to be implemented to test its usability before changing a significant of contacts. I have not set anything up along these lines, the idea just came to me while watching eM Client’s behaviour will starting to type contract names in the ‘To:’ field.

Great idea, but quick question.    

Would the recipient see that too?

Interesting question. It’s not something I had paid a lot of attention to.

But I did a test, and created a contact in eM Client called “My Mobile Phone”, but on my phone, the email said is was sent by “David Green”, which would suggest the mail clients match up the email address with the name in the contact database.

So, from my experience, No.

Generally the recipient will see whatever name you used for them when composing the message. Your name may be replaced with what is in their Contacts, but not theirs.

That’s what I was afraid of.

One thing I thought of doing this morning would be start typing their domain name.  So lets says we both work at  and

If I start typing widgets in the recipient address only the contacts of the company come up.  I can then choose the right email address to send to.   Probably a good habit to get into.  My business is growing fast and I now have DIFFERENT people with the same first name.  Could be an easy and embarrassing slip if I sent Acme’s info to someone at Widgets.


Try this-- create a distribution list and name it (something like) “Joe’s gmail” and enter joe’s gmail address as the address in the distribution list.  Then when you create an email and in the to: section type “Joe’s gmail” it will send the email displaying only Joe’s email address And any name you have given it).