Any option to show Category color by highlight whole line item?

I have been testing eM Client and I noticed it displays category colors similar to Outlook; that is category colors are shown under the Category column.

Is there any option to make eM Client show category color by highlight the whole line item similar to how Mozilla Thunderbird show category colors?

I personally prefer the way Thunderbird shows category colors in folders.
Thank you.

Does this do what you want?
Settings->Appearance->Lists->Use color of category as text color

Hi Larry,
Yes. That is the option I was looking for.
Perhaps that option should also be made available as a check box on Tools -> Categories screen.
Thank you for the information.

Unfortunately we do not plan to move this setting into different field, this location seems to be most logical.


hi, I am using emclient for 2 years now and I am very happy. Thank your for the service.
I have the same request but for the mails marked to follow (red flag) 
–> I would like see the whole line in red because that’s important emails and I don’t want miss them. Only the flag is not enough. 

thank you

Hi, this is unfortunately not possible in eM Client, it would cause conflict between the categories and the flags.
You can setup a “flag” category for red color and assing it manually or automatically using “rules” but it can not be tied to the flag itself.

Thank you for understanding,

hi Paul, thank you for your reply. 
Your proposition won’t work very well because categories aren’t sync.  
Maybe possible once this issue is solved.

Hi, sorry for my belated reply. Using categories was just a suggestion.
Unfortunately as you could have read in the referenced topic, this is unfortunately not possible with the current google settings, maybe in future.

Thank you,

Is there any way that instead of the text color being different, that the entire row be the color of the category?  I think this would work better visually.