Any idea how to show WHO the email is from instead they all show my email address the email it is sent too?

For example all my emails when they come in on the window pane show my email address instead of who they are actually from. Any idea how to change that?

On your in box panel move cursor to top line and right click for Column Configuration.
Select what you want to show or remove items
Note There is an option that can set all Folders using the inbox settings.
Suggest play with inbox first to set it to what you want then go back and then set all other folders.
If you have entries in your Contact list (person’s name and email)  the system should show you the name rather than just the email. 
Hope this helps

Thank You!! Worked like a gem!! Still can’t find the conversation setting but one thing at a time :slight_smile:

Release  7

Menu  (top left )
Read                                in middle of page you should see Conversations

That’s what I keep reading however I don’t see that option in the read pane. Not sure why.

Perhaps on the wrong version. Need to look into that next. Thanks.

Before release 7  that feature did not exist. 
If you will try the release 7  do the following in case you want to get back to prior release.
From the menu run a backup and save it to a space you can verify (it exist)
Make sure you have the install for the release you have. 
You may not like the new release alot dont  unless you have your own theme which I do.  I am ok with it.
Web site for all releases

Note once you upgrade the DataBase you cannot go back unless you re install the older release and reload from the backup you took before you upgraded.
It is not that easy but can be done
Release 7 no longer has the ability to create your own themes  so if you really like that feature upgrade to the latest version you have  from the web site provided.
Again backup  always  Good luck