Any folder as Smart folder

Please provide a way to mark an email folder as “smart folder” and place it to the “Smart folders” section. This cannot be accomplished via Search folders because Search folders do not display the count of unread messages.

Hi, most possibly we do not plan to implement this.


This is unfortunate because such an ability (similar to Outlook’s Favorite folders) is very important for business users (along with the conversations support and archiving that could be configured per folder).

unfortunately my previous answer still pays.


Why would you just shoot this idea down? I will never buy the full version until this feature is added.

I work with clients and need to access folders often and once I am done remove them. Outlook does this perfectly and I think you do as well.

Favorite folders are indispensable with multi account

Adding folders to the Smart Folder list (or flagging them as favorites) is a huge time saver. If this application is targeted at professionals, please consider adding this capability.

Sheesh. Love this attitude. Just guaranteed I’ll never pay for the Pro version.

Fortunately, there are many other email clients for you to choose from that do offer that option. :slight_smile:

That is what we need to be done because this feature is not planned.

I agree - this is extremely lacking

I also agree - it is very useful (Favorite folders)

A Smart Folder and a Favorite Folder are not the same thing; in eM Client a Smart Folder is a filtered/search result.

A favorite folders list would definitely be cleaner than the way Smart Folders are displayed now. But what would be nicer is if you could make regular folders and smart folders as favorite folders.

The upcoming version 8 includes the Favorites feature for message folders and contacts. :wink:

Hi, Gary,
will version 8 also be available as eM Client for Mac with these features?

The blog page does not actually say, but I would assume that there will be a simultaneous release of version 8 for both Windows and Mac, and that they will have the same features.

Thanks for the info. Looks good - I am curious.