any eM-Client - Employees here at all?

Just asking…

We post feedback and report bugs and errors but there is no feedback from eM-Client. 
(maybe just something like “bug already known” or “will be fixed in next release…”?)

This is not a complaint about not receiving support (since I do unterstand: free-Version = no support).
But I am a bit disappointed about the complete lack of feedback from “eM-Client”.

kind regards

Until the day before yesterday “community support” on their homepage was described as " our Support Engineers answer to customers every day" I put up a screenshot with that advertisement in a different thread in this forum, just to remind those fabulous “Support Engineers” what they promised us.

Guess what happened: They deleted my post on this forum and quickly changed their advertisement to “and our Support Engineers regularly monitor the forums”

You see, they can be lightning fast where it counts, if not on customer supprt.

Luckily I saved the screenshot of yesterday on my hard drive:

As I wrote:
I do not expect free support here - I just expect any kind of reaction/feedback to our “work” since reporting Bugs and offering new Ideas is some kind of work.

If we would not do this, a payed employee would be necessary to find bugs and think about new features…  we provide both for free.

…and as it seems, Version 7 has quite a lot of “room for improvement”.


I am a pro customer with 3 paid licences and I still prefer the forum over the ticket system:

  1. To let other users know that they are not alone with their gripes and suggestions.
  2. To keep the company from keeping things under wraps.
  3. Yes, to keep up the pressure.
    Since the two versions are technically the same (only with a different activation procedure) all reported bugs concern both versions. There are no pro-related bugs that can only be corrected via the ticket system. All bugs and suggestions that free users report are equally beneficial for pro users.

Actually I prefer bugs getting fixed over people saying that bugs will be fixed any time :wink: But then it should never happen, that simple and logical ideas get ignored forever.