Anti-virus disenables eM Client

It seems that my anti-virus software disenables eM client on a periodic basis - is there a fix for that?

Further information - eM Client is running from the temporary file as I just hit “run” when I installed it and did not save it to my laptop.

This is an issue of the anti-virus programm you use, not EC. Besides that you are not telling us which AV you are talking about. You should tell the AV-programmer of this issue.

What do you mean with “eM Client is running from a temp. file”? Never heard of this. I think you mean something else.

That won’t work due to the registry entries not being written, I don’t think it’s really your AV.
Save all your emails if needed, file>export>eml
Uninstall/delete eM Client & download/save to disc another copy of em client