Answers which are signed using PGP are not included into the conversation

I recently started to use PGP and configured em Client to always sign outgoing emails. When I use the “answer to rececived email” functionality the sent email is not shown in the conversation of the originally received one. Both are displayed as if they are independent emails. This problem does not occur when I manually decide to answer with an encrypted and signed email or with an email which is neither encrypted or signed or with an email which is only encrypted but not signed. So it seems like signed only emails somehow are not recognized correctly by the algorithm which decides which emails are part of a conversation.

Best regards, Steffen

Hi Steffen.

I don’t understand how “answer to received email” is different from “manually decide to answer”. Could you clarify that please.

I just mean  that I use the provided button to start writing an answer, the arrow to left button.

Maybe to clarify it further: in the window to edit the answer, signing is the default behavior, so the icon for signing is active and the icon for encryption is inactive. By “manually decide to answer” I meant that I change the activation of signing or encryption in this edit window for an outgoing email. I tested the different possibilities of both active, both inactive and only one of them active. Only the case when only signing is active causes the described behavior and the answer is not part of the conversation.

That is definitely not expected behaviour. I don’t use conversations in all views, but I do have conversations on in message detail, and have digitally sign by default selected. In the message detail, all the messages in the conversation are listed either above or below the message I am viewing. None are missing as far as I can see.

If you have a Pro License, you might consider opening a support ticket for this. I am sure they will be able to assist you further.

Today I discovered one conversation where the signed reply was not included in the conversation. I opened a support ticket for this. I will keep you updated Steffen.

Thank you very much Gary for your help, I have no Pro license and could not open a support ticket on my own.

Hi Gary,

has there been any progress on the support ticket you opened?

I sent them a bunch of .eml files on July 4, so they could recreate the problem.  The next day they replied that they will examine the files and get back to me with more details.  I just noticed that the ticket has been closed, so maybe that is why there was no feedback.

I reopened it and will keep you in the loop Steffen.