answer all by deafult

Is there any way (cannot find in options) to set “answer to all” be default button ?
There is big separate buttons on top, but…
1.On first place are “Answer” and when much work - always forget look right for “answer all”.
2. In header of mail there is answer button too - and it mean simple answer too.

Will be nice to have ability set deault action in both cases to “Answer all”

You can customize the menu bar by right-click and choosing Customize, so either remove the Reply button, or move it further to the right so it is not what you see first. 

Yes - half is done. Now how do this in a thread (where on every message button “answer”) ?

You can customize the menu bar in both the main screen, and the separate email window.

Here what left to change. Thread.

Unfortunately I don’t think you can change that icon. Just the Menu Bar buttons.

Yup. I cannot. Developers can )