Another SQLite Error 19: 'constraint failed' error

I’ve been getting this error for past couple of days which is preventing sending & receiving mail from a gmail account. Log seems to show it always occurring following attempt to synchronise the ‘All Mail’ folder.
I’m running EM Client version 9.2.1735.
Any help in diagnosing and fixing would be much appreciated please!

12:11:43 [email protected] IMAP Synchronizing folder list

12:11:43 [email protected] Google Contacts Synchronizing folder ‘/Contacts’

12:11:43 xxx Google Settings Synchronizing tags

12:11:43 xxx Google Contacts Synchronizing folder list

12:11:44 xxx IMAP Synchronizing folder ‘/All Mail’

12:11:44 xxx [IMAP] Microsoft.Data.Sqlite.SqliteException (0x80004005): SQLite Error 19: ‘constraint failed’.

at Microsoft.Data.Sqlite.SqliteException.ThrowExceptionForRC(Int32 rc, sqlite3 db)

It is an error in the database. The best solution is to go to Menu > Accounts and remove this account, then add it back again.

Many thanks Gary.
I did that: the error has stopped being thrown and emails have now downloaded.