Another Rule issue/bug

I created a rule to move and tag particular mail with a subject line, say Voice Mail to my VM folder set up within my Yahoo folder.

For whatever reason, the email always ends up in my Junk folder. There’s no way to resolve this as it seems to be how Yahoo Mail sees the sender.

Anyway, when I manually run the rule, whether I first move the mail from Junk mail to the applicable Inbox or to the VM folder, I run the rule (Apply Rule), eM Client then starts to delete my email with the subject line Voice Mail. I search for the deleted emails and I can’t find them.

I only have that one and only rule. I deleted the Spam and Blacklisted rule and the issue remains. The deleted emails are gone forever.

For whatever reason, the email always ends up in my Junk folder. There’s no way to resolve this as it seems to be how Yahoo Mail sees the sender

If your specific inbox sender’s email always ends up in Junkmail folder, you need to put a filter or adjustment at your Yahoo mailbox end to stop that.

See Manage spam and mailing lists in Yahoo Mail

Quote below from yahoo article url to permanently stop message going to spam.

“Open the Spam folder.
If you don’t see the “Spam” folder, click More below the “Sent” folder.
Select the email.
Click Not spam to move the message into your inbox, and future messages from this sender will be delivered to the inbox”

Thanks, but unfortunately this doesn’t work for the sender’s particular account which forwards automatically a voice file for my missed phone messages.

The sender’s account always varies and starts with the sender’s phone number, but I even tried to use a rule or filter for the domain, but nada for both eMClient and Yahoo. I examined the header information as well.

More importantly, the issue I have is with eMClient and why it is deleting the email when I manually applied a sorting rule despite no other rules enabled at the time. Worst of all, these deleted emails are nowhere to be found.

Can you post the From: and Subject: lines from the HEADER.
OR post the rule you tried

Since move means copy the file to the named folder and then delete the file, and you have a problem with the file being deleted, let’s try this:
make a custom rule to COPY the file to your account inbox (not favorites). Now we aren’t telling it to delete the file. Also, we are sending to a normal folder. Let’s see what happens.

If that works, I’d make a new folder directly under local folders called Voicemails and see if you can copy to that. You can leave them in junk because you probably clean it our regularly anyway.

With the clues this gives you, either report back, or rejoice and report back.

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Hi, I tried to post/create a rule from the HEADER too.


Thanks. I’ll do that the next time I get a voicemail message (whenever that is).

I will report back one way or another because if it continues then obviously it needs to be addressed by the programmers.

However, I just realized that I want to the mail be placed in my online Yahoo Voicemail folder too. I don’t mind having duplicate voicemail emails (one on my PC and the other in Yahoo).

You might try saving locally to both the inbox and also your custom folder and see what happens. These should sync back to the Yahoo folders assuming you are using IMAP.

Are you using IMAP or POP?


Hi. I’m using IMAP.

While I didn’t receive any missed voice mail messages, I created a Rule using your suggestion and copied to the Voice Mail folder and moved to the Inbox in the Local folder. I tested the rule with some other emails I deleted to the trash.

And I am happy to report it works. I will keep an eye on it over the next week. If the issue returns, I’ll report back.

Oh, I forgot to mention in my initial post that I set up another condition for the rule to TAG the email as Voice Mail. eMClient is set up that it will add color to the TAGs. I don’t know if that makes any difference.

The Tag condition was not added to the newly created rule that moves and COPIES to the Local folder.