Another ransom scam?

Seriously? Suddenly this stopped working and I need to pay 20 dollars for a license? It sounds like another ransom scam.

for 2 accounts no paid license is needed

I beg to disagree.  I have the ‘free’ version and suddenly it stopped working.  It says I need to pay 20 dollars to ‘upgrade’

yep using free with 1 gmail account, after last update i have to have a pro key or downgrade to last version.

msg reads:

this version of em Client is newer than what your current license permits. and kicks me in offline mode. sigh, back to thunderbird.

Same problem here. Is it free or isn’t it?

You know…if the devs are reading this…I actually really like this client and I wouldn’t mind paying 20 bucks for it.  The pro license is 50 dollars and I am just a home user, so there are a lot of features it makes no sense for me to buy.  If the client had opened a message saying, ‘if you like it please consider paying’, I’d be happy to do so.  Did you actually intend for it to simply stop working?  I even tried paying the 20 it asked for, but it THEN informed me that I need to pay 50!

Yep, just got this as well this morning. No way to even upgrade for £12.95 as it suggests. That sis something Iw ould be happy to do as well if I could find where to actually do it. Pretty bad way to handle things though, a free license is a free license.

Same problem here, haven’t tried paying for it, which I would consider if they had asked normally. But just cutting this off like this seems weird. I guess the licensing server may be being updated to deal with the upcoming 7.1 release. Still annoying as hell though. Most of all I want an emailclient to be reliable.

Hello everybody,

We are very sorry to hear that you were affected by this issue.
Issue occurred in our system and we assure you that this is not intentional.
Currently we are looking into it and it should be fixed soon, this is our top priority at the moment.
Please accept our apology for caused inconvenience and we hope that you will stick with us until it is resolved.
If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Thanks Anthony for at least letting us know what’s going on. Will you let us know here when the issue has been resolved?

Thanks so much for letting us know.  And I meant what I said, ‘free’ is nice but you deserve to be paid for your work.  If you ever decide to make a ‘shareware’ level I’d be happy to pay the 20.  50 is too much, though, considering it has features I would never use.  ‘Free’ clients are great and some folks would not pay, but many of us would!

Same here. Can’t send or receive email.

I uninstalled then reinstalled.   Restarted my computer and it updated to license version 7 and everything worked.

Mine working now. Yes, it was inconvenient but I appreciate the downtime was relatively short. I can’t complain when it’s the first problem encountered in 4 years of use. Thanks.

Mine started working again as well, fortunately without having to uninstall and reinstall. Thanks for the quick work.