Another email disappearing question

My emails continue to disappear!  I don’t have any filters or rules or anything else set, unless it is a default of the program. I got an email from someone.  Two minutes later, I got an email from someone else.  I wanted to reply to the second email and attach the first email. When I went to look for the first email in my Inbox, it wasn’t there. I looked in trash, I looked in Junk, I looked in Local - it’s gone!

Second issue - I noticed that the little indicator that says how many unread messages I have doesn’t work correctly. It says I have one unread message in one of my accounts, but when I go to that folder, there’s nothing there.

Last issue - Sometimes, apparently randomly, emails go into my “All Mail” folder and never appear in my Inbox folder. I’ve told people I didn’t get their email, then I find it in “All Mail”  What in the world is “All Mail” and why do things go there?

What version of eM Client are you using Wayne?

If a message is being moved or deleted by a Rule (filter), it will be done immediately when it arrives. Rules can’t automatically apply to messages after you have read them, unless you manually apply the Rule at a later time. What happens if you search for that message that has disappeared?

The second issue may be a result of the conversation mode. If you disable conversations in Menu > View > Conversations, is the unread count correct?

The third issue, GMail only has three actual folders; All Mail, Spam and Trash. Messages that you see in Inbox, Sent etc. are really just message in the All Mail folder that have labels to indicate what virtual folder they belong to.

I’m using 7.1.33101.0
Issue 1 - It was originally in my In box, but I later found it in my All Mail box.
Issue 2 - Conversations were already disabled.
Issue 3 - Where do these labels come from?  Why do some things go in my In box and others remain in All Mail?

If the message was at one time in the Inbox folder, then it was only in the All Mail folder, that simply means that the label was removed from the message.

The label system is Google’s way of doing things. As I said, all your messages only exist in one folder called All Mail. If they have an Inbox label, then the email client will display them in the Inbox folder. If they have a Sent label, then the email client will display them in the Sent Folder.