Anonymous program wants you to click 'here' to update.

 It has no identification within the notification at all so I kill the notification. Turns out to be emclient wanting to update.  EM Client really needs to add their name into the update request.

Hi Ed,

Does this notification pop up just after you start eM Client?
From your description it looks like a notification from a security program,
that did not properly identify the source.

For me they are reasonably identified. -directly from the program
or rather from the eM Client server


All I get is the small but separate pop up - “New Update Available”.  Not the larger one until you click on the “More Info” button.  Clicking on popups from programs you don’t recognize is not a good idea.  I automatically kill popups that I do not recognize.
They do say “There is a new update to version xxxx available.” 
Wouldn’t take much for them to say “There is a new update to eM Client version xxxx available.”

You’re right - That’s how I get them too.

I agree with your last statement and the addition of the eM Client  name or icon
would be helpful and clearer , but they do mention the version
which your are expected to recognize.
Nevertheless, it’s not much of a stretch to add some kind of description…

Most programs I use give that description in the notification to avoid confusion…

Yes I got this popup this morning and clicking on more info does nothing. I recognised the look as eM Client so I did the Help/Check for updates and sure enough, the same popup. My problem is clicking “Yes” or “More info” does nothing, so I can’t seem to install the update!

Hi Steve,

Sorry to hear that.Some older versions didn’t play too well with updates.
There’s lots of it on this forum.
For me that problem was resolved with a before latest version.

I just updated via the 2nd panel - Download , but only after I had made a backup
of my present installation.

If that still doesn’t work ,go to
and download from there.
But remember to first do the backup.