Annoying website behaviour re Sign In if Malwarebytes is on

 I have just spent an hour composing a question concerning inboxes.  When I submitted it a box popped up that contained nothing but an “x” in the upper right corner.  Not knowing what to do I pressed enter, and saw my carefully crafted description of the problem listed under the conversation to which I was appending my comments/questions.  So I thought all was well.

However when I backed out and looked for my supposedly newly added comment, it was not there.  Doing a bit of digging, I concluded that the white pop-up box (with the “x” in the corner) must have been an abortive request for me to sign in.  The same blank white box came up when I clicked on Sign In, directly.  I use Malwarebytes, and noted that it had flagged a couple of “ad networks and trackers”.  Only when I disabled ads/trackers in Malwarebytes did the Sign In screen in eMclient allow me to sign in.

I now know that I’ll have to temporarily disable that part of Malwarebytes’s features before going into eM Client Support.  I also know now that I should Sign In before doing anything else.

Two possible suggestions:
    1)  Force the user to sign in before composing a New Post or other submission to a conversation, and

    2)  Somehow tell the user to disable the Ads/Tracker protection in Malwarebytes, if it is on, so that the Sign In pop-up will enable signing in.  

Meanwhile, I guess my learned lesson is to type submissions temporarily in an email, and cut from there to paste into eM Client Support.  Just in case I lose it.  That is what I’ve done for this submission.

You are not the only one who has lost text while posting to the forum. It happens to me regularly.

It is a frustrating system. As users who post to the forum, we are not actually clients of, that is the company that hosts the forum. This means we cannot open support tickets with them about the problems with their system. 

I have raised many issues through an eM Client employee, but they simply ignore me when I reply to messages they have had with eM Client staff.