Annoying recent "feature"

Lately, for several months, now, after I close/minimize eMClient (it’s still running in background), I’ll be merrily typing away or performing some other task, and eMClient will just pop up and grab focus away from the application I’m working on. It is frustrating and annoying.
I’m running Windows 10, with all the latest updates, and eMClient, version 8.2.1473 (04b618f)
It seems that this only happens on startup, after I’ve checked/received/sent all the emails for the first time and then"closed" it.
I like eMClient, but it’s not the most important app I have that needs to have focus all the time.

I personally have never seen that happen with any version of eM Client. Very strange issue.

Sounds like possible an eg: accidental press of a key somewhere (that you are either unaware of) that causes it to come to the foreground / popup, or the keyboard itself is playing up.

I would suggest to test another USB keyboard.

If it also happens with another keyboard, then sounds like your OS task switching is playing up somewhere or being affected by some other background program on the startup. I would then next try disabling all background tasks to test and reboot to see if (something starting up) is causing it.

Thanks for the quick reply. More I would expect “actions” from the (USB) mouse (its performance is flaky, but I’m not sure whether it’s the mouse itself - most likely - or the WIN 10 drivers). I’m just annoyed because it only happens with eMClient. Seems to happen once per bootup, and nothing else seems to be affected.
I’ll check those suggestions out.

Long shot…
Either or both selected?

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“Close application to tray” was selected. I unselected it, and we’ll see what happens. Since it seems to only happen after booting, I’ll see how it behaves.