Android App?

Is there a smartphone app in the works? I’d love to have all my devices using the same client.

Hello Mike,
unfortunately we do not plan to make any mobile phone app at the moment.
This could change in the future of course, but currently we’re hard at work with version 7 for Windows and for Mac.
Thank you for understanding.


No problem, more of a wish than anything else.  Thanks for the prompt response.

I too would love to see an app for android. I’ve recently found this program and absolutely love it.

Add another vote for an Android version.

Yes, please offer an Android app

Would love to have an Android app !

you answered the question 1 year ago Olivia. Are you work hard for version 8 now?

I would pay for an Android ap, especially for integration across contacts, calendar, and email.  Please consider developing for Android

I’m not trying to be funny, but: why?

If emClient released an Android app, it wouldn’t be the same code. It wouldn’t even be the same people working on the code. It wouldn’t have the same features - or if it did that would be a huge mistake, because I want very different features out of a mobile email client than I do from my desktop. It wouldn’t sync your configuration and preferences and rules, because that’s all stored client side on the pc, and they aren’t some kind of SaaS system constantly syncing you with their cloud. 

If you took any other Android email client and pretended it had emClient branding, that’s a pretty good approximation for what an Android emClient would look like. 

OK Ben,
so you say, “technologically, this is impossible.”
But, what do you think about “microsoft office outlook”?
How did they do it? 

Look this please:

 ![]( "Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3\_images/1673284/RackMultipart20171117-106788-f0yldy-kkk2\_inlinepng1510929117")

Outlook for Android/IOS was not developed by Microsoft, they actually purchased the technology.  In addition, it bears little resemblance to the Windows product, other than name.

VERY poorly is how they did it, BECAUSE it is trying to duplicate their desktop version. (To Ben’s point)

Any update on this decision. Surely you would have to had to of reconsidered???