An idea

Having just migrated to eM Client I am very happy but can still find the odd idea to contribute!

My first is about to be addressed in version 7 I think - this is to group all replies and mails based on an original message together (thread or conversation). So I look forward to the upgrade.

When creating and sending a mail I would really like to be able to specify the folder in which it should be filed rather than simply kept in the sent folder - this requires me to go find them and refile at some stage.

Just noticed that when searching for mail the results do not show where each message in actually stored - it would be nice to know in which folder the results are residing.

I hope these help and thanks for a great application - I will be a paid up member once a few more stable days have passed!

Hi Phil,
thank you for contributing with your ideas, I’ll address them separately below.

Conversation are already ready in version 7, as documented on our blog…. Thank you for your patience.

As for the sent mails, it’s true you cannot choose the folder it goes to while you compose the mail, but you can set up a rule in Tools > Rules for Sent emails to move to certain folders, if you sort your mails depending on the recipient or a word in the subject or something.

As for the folder information, that is indeed not an implemented feature and is free for voting here on the forums.

Best regards,