"An error occurred" The owner of the calendar must either....

I get the following error message every launch on my desktop computer… not on my laptop for some reason.  It’s driving me batty.

There seems to be no way to follow up and find which imported event is the culprit.

Any one have a solution please!!!



If you have the same account setup on both laptop and desktop, a solution without tracking down the event is to backup eM Client on the laptop and restore it on the desktop.

Or you can remove the account from eM Client on the desktop, then add it again.

Gary?  What?  I’ve just restored em client (which took WEEKS) and this is the first thing I saw - ITS BEEN MONTHS.  What event?  How did this conflict occur?  How do get rid of the error?  
I NEVER  NEVER want to see it again.  I posted this problem, what, last year or the year before?

Good luck, I’ve had the error for A COUPLE OF YEARS!!!  If we knew which event caused the error it would be useful, the message is useless, the problem, apparently, as interminable as it it annoying.