An email session could not be started please check your mapi installation

I am getting this error while trying to send an email through my accounting software. Officially they only support thunderbird or outlook but it has always worked fine until the latest version of Accountedge Pro. The support of course is worthless other then to say that it needs to be a 64bit mail program which I believe emclient already is. Can anyone help me?

Normally MAPI errors will happen if you are “not using Outlook” to send email with Accounting type programs as i found with using Myob Account Right recently which wouldn’t work at all with eM Client.

Accounting programs have normally be specially programmed to work with Non Outlook email clients.

The only things i can suggest is update to the latest version 9 of eM Client from the version history page, and also uninstall Accountedge Pro and reinstall that which may possibly then work.

I believe eM Client is still a (32bit program) as far as i know even though it runs on a 64Bit OS.

Note: If you update eM Client backup first via “Menu / Backup”.