Amount of items inside search folder

I would like to see a number of all items items next to search folders and standard folder. Just like it works in MS Outlook.
I read this topic but it’s over 6 years now, so I hope you were able to fix the performance issues, right?
Best Regads

The folder count is already displayed in the title bar.

Personally, I think that including it in the tree list will destroy the nice clean look that makes eM Client especially attractive.

Yes, I know that, but in my case it’s not very efficient to click each folder (search folder) and check how many items are there.
I run an online store and I connected one main mailbox and 5 shared mailboxes. I also have lot of search folders to see what is going on inside the folders. The search folders is a feature which led me to buy your software. It would be nice to have a the requested option available. It doesn’t need to be enabled by default. Just put it somewhere inside the options menu.