Am a new Em client user - all worked well after install, now I cannot create or send or create mail.

When I create a new email, NO ACCOUNT is listed in the TO: window.  I checked out the LICENSE screen and eM Client lists that I have a license.  Tried to DEACTIVATE and then ACTIVATE using the license eM Client staff sent me on Monday.  the same problem persists.  This is not cool!!!

Just Craig with additional info; fyi - running Windows 10 and tried to set up email account initially with the mail client that comes with Win 10. Did not work - so went to Em Client.  Should I go to SETTINGS in Win 10 and remove (delete from device)  the email account listed there?  It is the same email account I am using for Em Client but would listing that account under the Windows mail app cause the NO ACCOUNT problem in Em Client? Or should I just attempt to secure and activate a NEW Em Client license? NOTE - my mistake; the NO ACCOUNT was displayed in the FROM window, not the TO window as stated in the problem.


What mail service provider are you using? Also did you add your account in the initial eM Client setup wizard? If not, go to Tools>Accounts and add your account.

Hope that helps.