alternative backup method

I would like to know if it would be possible to copy all content of the folder eM Client (in C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming) and save it as backup. This would be an alternative method for the backup offered inside the program.

I ask this because I use a backup software to making backup with scheduled backup plan and I need to backup the data and emails of eM Client.

The question is: Will it be no problem if I replace all content of eM Client folder with all content that I previously copied and saved as backup? Should I replace only a part of the content?


No need to copy it.  Just back it up Or sync it to the cloud like Dropbox.

Thanks for your response. The point is if ALL or PARCIAL content of the folder eM Client must be restored. Because I noticed the eM Client built-in backup feature doesn ́t take all files (of the eM Client folder) in the zip archive.

If you move the directory instruction state not to move the HTML file or something like this.  If you are backing up the directory, the whole directory is backed up.  Then on restore from a backup the directory is rewritten.  Then you do the restore from that location which returns everything back to normal.