Also cannot do outgoing mail thru Verizon

Of course Verizon support says it’s not there problem. I’m at a loss as to why it just stopped working a few days ago. Is it a coincidence the problem seemed to start around the most recent update to eM client which I think may have occurred around  Oct 20??

Is it posible to roll-back to a previous version just to try? Currently using 6.0.21040.0

Maybe I’ll try that gmail fix.

edited to add i meant to post this in that other thread not as a new topic. Sorry - it’s my first post.

HI Bill, not sure what you’re referring to, Verizon users started having connection issues with SMTP protocol, since this is an “authentication” issue, it’s probably caused by a change of server settings. We’ve tried to resolve the issue and checked if the issue might be connected to eM Client, however we came to a resolution this was caused by Verizon. 

Verizon support even suggested to workaround the issue by using Gmail’s SMTP servers (which again suggests eM Client is working properly since it can send through other SMTP servers).

I do not recommend downgrading as this will not help the issue.

Thank you for understanding,