Allow User to Specify Default Column Configuration

Currently, you can click on the column configuration for a folder and change it or apply a configuration to all other folders. This works well. However, if you then create a new folder, you then need to change the column configuration of that folder to the way you want it to be.

Can you allow the user to create a default column configuration setup that can be automatically applied to any new folders that are created?


Hi, thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately there’s no setting for default column configuration at the moment.
We’ll consider adding this feature to future releases.

Thank you,

That would be great!


Just a bump to this feature request from two years ago. I figured that this would have been a great feature to add to v7, but as of now it is not there.

I will say that it is extremely annoying and time consuming to have to set the column configuration up for every new folder that you add to an account. If there was a way to set what you want the default configuration to be, it would make things a lot easier.


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Figured I’d bump this again to see if we could get some traction on this…

It is extremely annoying and burdensome to have to reconfigure the column configuration EVERY TIME you add a new folder to your mailbox.

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Yes that would be great option

There is a new option in v7 - right-click on the column header and check “Apply column configuration to other folders”. Isn’t this kind of what you want? (note - I have not tried it)

That’s not a new option. It existed in v6 as well. The issue with that is that everytime you create a new folder, you need to go to an old folder, click on the “Apply column configuration…” and then go and find the new folder in the folder list. It’s annoying and time consuming.

If there was a setting to just set up the default folder configuration and that was used every time a new folder was created, it would simplify things.

With four accounts and over 1,600 folders, this is something that would make viewing my emails much easier.

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Make sure to vote for it up top!

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I agree completely with Merg, a potential alternative would be that the new folder defaults to using the column configuration of the parent folder when it is created. I personally am getting quite annoyed at continually having to add something as simple as the “To” column to all my folder configurations.

I agree completely with you, a potential alternative would be that a new folder defaults to using the column configuration of the parent folder when it is created. I personally am getting quite annoyed at continually having to add something as simple as the “To” column to all my folder configurations.

Just another bump, hoping that people will vote up this request…

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It has been two years; has this been fixed?

Unfortunately, no.

Maybe another bump to get people to like this request…

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This is unfortunate. I don’t mind paying 150 bux to use a product on all my commuters, but for that much money I expect a finished, polished product. Right now there are too many issues. Like I just discovered that exporting and importing settings does not get everything. :confused:

Would love to see this addressed, as I open about 40 news folders a month and would very much prefer to not have to copy my preferred column settings all the time. I figure the best way to handle it is to have a new folder automatically take on the column format of the parent folder - I believe this would be a better solution than a single default format and would likely take less programming on behalf of emClient as they already have a function in place to replicate the settings based on another folder.

On another note - IMTheNachoMan - can you provide a brief on what gets missed? Thanks.

My issues so far:

  • stop auto resizing other columns when resizing one column
  • can’t remove “search folders” from left side navigation under “smart folders”
  • one “Menu” button in the top row is such a waste of space and requires avoidable clicks. why not keep it like every other app where there is a row of the things that are in the “Menu” button: File, Edit, etc…
  • not all settings get transferred when using Menu > File > Import/Export > Import/Export settings to xml
  • clicking on a thread with multiple e-mails, there is no option to default it opening from the top so you see the first message. it defaults to the last message.
  • can’t right click on a visible column to hide; it’s painful to have to go into column configuration
  • no option to default multiple reminders for events (like you can if you create invites from google calendar in browser)
  • the mark button does not re-create the nested structure of Google’s labels. it would be a lot faster to find the label you want if it was.
    I am sure I will have more later.

Thanks, when I was asking about a summary, I was thinking specifically about what settings don’t get saved when executing the export/import function? Definitely agree with some of your suggestions as well.

Oh. Oops. I forgot now but I remember having to re-do columns and a few other things. If I install this on my other computer I’ll be sure to make a note.

Thanks, that would be helpful, can then at least plan for the shortcomings of the feature. Have a great weekend.