Allow Long Appointment Names to be Displayed

It would be nice if eM Client had the ability to display long appointment names in the calendar. Right now, if I hover over an appointment with a long name and get the pop-up, I see the name plus “…” at the end to indicate that the name continues. It would be nice if there was a way to see the whole name without having to open up the appointment itself. I have a lot of appointments are have the beginning of the appointment name very similar, so a quick and easy way to see the whole appointment would be beneficial.


Hi, thank you for the suggestion, we’re currently working on the upcoming release of eM Client which will feature a redesigned UI, I’ve suggested some adjustment regarding this option to the developers that I hope were taken in account for consideration.

You can check out the preview of the upcoming release on our facebook page, here.


Looking forward to the new release.

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