All these version 7 error reports

It has been interesting reading all of the error reports in this forum. I’m a new eM Client user and so far I’ve had few of these problems. The most irritating ones are failure of “whitelisting,” and duplicated mail despite my having used de-duplicator. It will take quite a while to remove the duplicates; it will have to be done manually. But these seem minor compared with problems others are reporting.

When was version 7 introduced? Is it brand-new?

I don’t mean to dismiss the frustration of the people who are having the problems. What I’m wondering is: why them and not me? In fact the combination of almost trouble-free installation, few errors, and good features leave me feeling pleased to have the program. I didn’t think I’d ever find an email program this useful, once I decided to leave venerable old Eudora behind.

One reason I was reasonably successful as a tester (now retired) is that I could sit down at a computer and break something immediately. I didn’t want to, but it happened a lot. An “instantly break something” problem seemed to run in my family. Software, hardware, whatever — I’d use it, and it would break quickly. Considering the number of reports of distressing problems with eM Client, my lack of problems seems unusual to me.

Is it possible that, as a brand-new user, I’m seeing few errors because I started with a “fresh” install rather than having upgraded “on top of” an older installation?

What concerns me is a possible later loss of data as the size of the database grows. This is just a “given” with files of increasing size. I speak from experience: The question isn’t whether there will be data loss, but when it will occur. So, how best to cut one’s losses and recover as quickly as possible, when it occurs?

Hi Mike

Look at any product forum and you will see mainly posts about problems.  People without any problems (the vast majority for any reputable product) don’t post.

Version 7 has been in the pipeline for many months and is now in pretty good shape.

As with any data - back up the database frequently.