All the bodies of my messages are missing!

Hello, today 7 October 2020, all of my message bodies are missing from all my inboxes, sent messages, etc. Only the message headers are showing, no text at all. I’m new to the forum, I see another problem has been reported on this topic today (member donpin) but I don’t know how to link my comments to this user. Help Please Someone!

miércoles 07 octubre 2020 :: 1538hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Dottie

With eM Client in view (top left)…
Menu ->Settings ->Appearance ->Layout ->
Select Messages on the bottom
Messages on the right

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


Hi skybat
Thank you I tried this but the option is already selected, the messages have disappeared altogether!
Kind regards from Wales UK

FYI Dottie

Thank you for the acknowledgement Adam

It is important to us users to know that someone has picked up on their issue and that the vendor is at least looking into them.

I also hope that this not just a generic acknowledgement and that eMClient really is aware of this particular problem - in the meantime, eMClient is otherwise so impressive, that we will just try and tough it out until a patch is issued and hope we do not lose any critical email bodies.

Please keep us informed.

Kind regards

Don Pincott

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Subject: [#117112]: Some POP3 email bodies are being dropped - probably when the PC is restarted


thank you for contacting eM Client customer support. This support is unfortunately available to paying users only.

We’re looking into these issues, and they should be fixed in the next version. Thank you for your feedback!

Best regards, Adam Kovář

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