All tabs not working. Just mail.

Just installed eM client and email works great, but the calander tab, contacts tab and event tab all are blank and says (This folder contains no items and no action can be performed.) Have scheduled a calendar event . have all contacts in client and have scheduled a task. Still dont show under tabs.

If your email servbice supports calander maybe you do not have that turned on  .  I have gmail google and it supports that.  Check the following 
    Find your  account and on the display to the right  at the bottom is the calander checked  if not that may be why you are not seeing anything.   alos make sure that in the calander tab that your email calander is checked  instead of the internal calander. 

Same issue here. Calendar, Task, and Contacts tabs show “This folder contains no items and no action can be performed.” and nothing else.

The only change I made is the theme. I used one of the build in themes.

Does anyone have a solution?

what mail accounts do you use? Do they support any Calendar options? Gmail Calendar, iCloud Calendar, CalDAV server?

If your mail server does not have any Calendar service you can use Local Calendar and Contacts as well, just enable the setting in Menu>Tools>Settings>General by checking the ‘Show Local Folders’ option.

Or, if you do have such service and it wasn’t loaded automatically, you can set it up manually in the New Account window, just use the Calendar account option instead of the Automatic mail account setup.


Menu>Tools>Settings>General by checking the ‘Show Local Folders’ option did the trick! Thanks.

Just now getting back but yes that is how I got it fixed. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner.