All sent e-mails show up twice in sent folder

I have three accounts in eM Client, one from my IPS, two hotmail accounts.
For all three accounts, when I send an e-mail, it shows up in my sent folder twice. I do not know how to take care of this issue. I’m using the deduplicator for all folders but it’s a hassle. How do I stop sent e-mails from showing up twice in my sent items folder??

There is a setting in eM Client to place a copy of each sent messages in the Sent folder.  There probably is a setting in your actual email account that does the same thing.  I use and it has that setting.  You need to change one of those settings.  Either in eM Client or in each of your accounts.

Thank you! It seems to have done the trick. I already fiddled around with that setting in eM Client but then my regular e-mail didn’t save a copy either. So I disabled it in Outlook. Thanks again!

Alright… I’m back.
At first, after disabling the ‘keep copy in sent folder’ in my hotmail and outlook addresses, it didn’t keep two copies in mij eM sent folder.
Today, two copies again. I checked my hotmail accounts just to make sure but those settings were still at don’t keep a copy. Any thoughts?

I’m sorry to hear that.  When I originally replied, I was traveling and didn’t have access to the computer that I have eM Client installed. I just checked and I disabled the “Save copy of sent messages in “Sent” folder” setting under Send in eM Client. I left the setting on alone.

That’s okay, I tried both ways but I need to keep the option checked in eM Client because if I don’t, I don’t have a copy in sent folder for my main email account, which is not a hotmail or outlook account but from my ISP :) 

Hello Meriam,
if you need the option to save a copy enabled in eM Client, the only solution is to disable it on the server.
Is it reeally disabled on the hotmail accounts? Could you please screenshot the setting for me?


As far as I know, yes, the option is disabled in hotmail/outlook.
I could only find one option to do so, so unless there is another setting that needs to be unchecked, this is it.
Here’s the screenshot, this is the same setting for all my hotmail accounts:

It’s in Dutch, it says “Do not save sent messages. (But if POP is used to send messages from another service, they will still be saved).”
All my hotmail accounts in eM Client use IMAP.

Hope this helps!


Alright, trying something different. Since my main e-mail account uses pop3 and doesn’t have the double sent message issue, I’m now trying to use my hotmail accounts with pop3 settings as well. If everything works okay, I’ll let you know.