All of my contacts and all of my calendar data is GONE!!!! This is not good!

I wondered why I didn’t get a reminder to pay a bill. Opened my calendar and it has been wiped clean. Nothing. Not the past recurring events. Not the current ones I just recorded. Gone. Then, when I tried to send an email I realized all of my contacts are gone as well. Almost ready to be finished with eM Client! Any help would be appreciated.

How were your calendar and contacts setup? Are they synced with an online source or are they saved in Local Folders?

The calendar is a local folder as far as I know. I do not use an online calendar. I don’t understand what happened to it and all of my contacts. The only thing I did recently was save my email to local folders.

Could it be that the calendar and contacts are there, but just not visible? In the left side-bar can you see the Mail, Calendar, Tasks and Contacts sections?

Yes. I can go to the calendar but it is blank.

Another interesting tidbit. I tried to import Canadian holidays. Nothing happens. It tries for a second and then nothing. No holidays are noted on the calendar.

Can you provide a screenshot of your calendar section, specifically the folders section in the left side-bar?

The holidays import should create a separate Internet calendar, so they will not be included in your calendar. Just tick the blue box next to the calendar name for them to show with the rest of your events.