All of a sudden, EMClient is NOT free

I’ve been using EMClient on one computer and only have 2 email accounts set up. Today, the software has gone offline and says I need to upgrade to the paid version to check emails again. 

What gives, I thought EMClient was free for 1 or 2 accounts for personal use!?!

It is free for personal use. What is shown under Menu -> Help -> License?

It says:

Name: Demo
Issue Date: 6/7/2017
Upgrades allowed until: 7/7/2017
Number of users: 1
License type: Demonstration mode

This would have been set automatically as I didn’t do anything except download and run it when I started.

I went through the whole process of activating but this is not clear that it needs doing after you demo the software. A bit of an odd way of doing it.

You need to get a free license from the web site.