All my Google Business app/emails won't connect anymore since 2 days ago

Two days ago, all my business google emails accounts won’t connect and fail.  They keep asking to re-auth all the account, asking for the password over and over again.  All my personal Google emails are working fine.  I’ve tried rebooting my machine, restarting EMClient and nothing will work to get my email box to open.  The accounts that are all failing all of a sudden are paid for business email accounts.  The free ones work fine.

I just deleted the account and re-added it and now it seems to be working.  But that is not a solution I can live with.  over the last 9 months, this has happend to one or two email accounts, but this time it was all of them (6 total)  

Why is this happening?

Hello Andy, I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About? Are you seeing any errors while synchronising with the service? Can you make a screenshot of the issue and submit it to us here on the forum?

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All of a sudden, eM client would ask me for my Google Password,  A popup screen would show up and ask me to enter my google password.  I would enter the password and the screen would go away.  It would ask for all 6 of my google email accounts that I pay for.  Then in about 10 minutes it would ask again for the passwords, and again in the next 10 minutes.  I quit the problem, rebooted my machine but it would continue to fail the same all the time.  My outbox had about 7 emails it never sent.

I fixed it like I have in the past and that was to delete the user account out of eMClient and just go back and add it back in, showing me the same window for the google password as it did when it was failing.

There was no other error messages displayed to me.  It not happening since I deleted each account and added it back it, so I can not give you a screen shot of the Google sign in page.  This happens from time to time over the last year,  but in the past its only been 1 account, and deleting and adding it back in fixes it.  This time it was all 6 of my accounts I had to delete and add back in.

Hello Andy, you can update your eM Client to this release which include a number of minor fixes, 6.0.22504.0, I’m unfortunately still not quite sure what might have caused this issue, are you using any security software on your computer? Can you try to close the authentication window without inserting your credentials again?

If the issue occurs occasionally please enable IMAP and XMPP logging for one or few of these problematic google apps accounts. Navigate to Tools > Settings > Advanced and enable the logging, once the error reoccurs, please restart the application, go back to the advanced settings window and submit the logging data to my work mail, with a reference link to this forum topic.

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When it was failing, if I closed the auth window, it would just fail the same way on the next polling/syncing.  It doesn’t seem like the issue when the computer wakes out of sleep, it fails the first time then works the second time.  This is not that issue.  This was a hard fail and the only way to get it working again was to delete the account out of eMClient and add it back it.  I do use TrendMicro virus software on my computer.

Its been a few days now since I deleted and re-added the accounts and it has not happened.  Like I said it would happen once on one account maybe once a year.  This time it was all the accounts.  And ignoring the auth window or restarting the app didn’t solve it,  Along with adding back in all the credentials, it would still fail.

I have saved your instructions and if it happens again I will send along that information you requested.  I’m a programmer and computer guy so digging deep into the computer isn’t a problem for me.


Hello again Andy, the issue that forces the OAuth window to appear after waking up the computer from sleep may be caused by the computer’s inability to connect to the server (while internet connection is being loaded). Make sure internet connection is available if the issue reoccurs.

You can also download this utility, and log traffic on your computer, after installing this tool, please navigate to Tools > Fiddler Options > HTTPs, and select the option “Decrypt HTTPs”. Enable traffic capture and keep the application tracking if until the issue reoccurs, however if it happens intermittently, please make sure to clear the log once in a while.

If the issue reoccurs while you have the utility enabled, go to File > Save > Save all sessions, and submit the archive to my work mail along with all the other logging data in case it occurs.

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