all my folders havent been imported

import isnt showing all my folders from live mail

Same here … no Sent and no Contacts … solutions anyone ? I deleted programme and re-loaded fully a second time and same thing … help please !!

Did you look in Local Folders?

Thanks for reply … yes I did, but nothing there. No Sent, no Contacts. Very disappointing actually. 

Did you get any errors during the import?

I did on the first import, but don;t have a record of them … mainly the server disconnected. So I uninstalled whole programme, did a drive clean and re-installed and imported again. No error messages this time, but still no Sent or Contacts. Thx for any ideas otherwise I’m off to Opera as a second choice :frowning:

You can export the sent items and contacts from Windows Live Mail, and then import them into eM Client.

Not sure I know how to do that – can you explain a little further for me ? Mny thx … you are kind to help out.

For Contacts:

  1. Open Windows Live Mail.

  2. Click Contacts folder, and then click  Export.

  3. Select Comma separated values (.CSV).

  4. Select the folder where you want to save the file, give it a name and then click the Save button.

  5. Select Next, and then select the check boxes next to the fields that you want to export. Only selected fields are exported, so make sure to select everything you might want later.

  6. Select Finish.

  7. Open eM Client.

  8. Go to File > Import > Import contacts from csv.

  9. Choose the csv file you saved from Windows Live Mail and select the contacts folder where you want to save them.

  10. You will be able to match up columns in the exported csv file with the fields in eM Client contact.
    For Sent email:

  11. In eM Client goto Menu > File > Import > Email(eml)

  12. Choose the import folder. This will be the Windows Live Mail message store. C:\Users\name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live** Mail\Sent**

  13. Select the folder to save the messages i.e. the Sent folder.

  14. Click Finish.

Thx so much … late for me so will try on a clear mind in the morning … will report  back … be wonderful to have it working well. Cheers !