All messages not being downloaded. Download messages for offline use is enabled. Anti-virus diabled. No errors in log! Whats wrong???

I sync my Gmail with eMClient and it does not download all emails. In Airmail on my Mac I have 21+ conversations (57 emails) in my Inbox and similar on the Web. I have enabled the ability to “Download all messages for offline use” as well as disable anti-virus protection with no change. The log under the “Operations” windows shows syncing is Done??? Please help?

When eM Client is setup as IMAP, you have the option to download messages for offline use. If that is not selected, them eM Client will still download the headers, so you should see those messages in the message list. All this setting does is download the message content as well.

What you can try is right-click on your GMail folder in eM Client, and choose Properties > Repair. This will re-sync the message cache with the server. See if that helps.

That seemed to work! Just a note, I had to go to my “All Mail” and Repair from there for it to work.
Many thanks for the quick and efficient service.

I found that if I had all messages downloaded for offline use, they went into my Local Folders. You might try again and see if that is what’s happening. BTW that’s why the All Folders worked.

The GMail messages actually only exist in a folder called All Mail. The other folders like Inbox, Sent etc., are really just virtual folders, or filters, that correspond to the label on the messages. If the All Mail folder is not properly synced, or maybe corrupt, then those message will not display in Inbox. So repairing All Mail changes what is viewed in Inbox.

Margaret, there is a difference between Local Folders and IMAP folders. If you have the same messages in both, those are not cached copies for offline use. They must have been copied there manually.