'All Mail' contains every email I've ever received since 2007 despite deletions

I’ve just installed eM Client and really liking the interface. My default email is with gmail and everything seems to be working fine, except the ‘All Mail’ folder seems to contain every single email I’ve ever received to my gmail account, despite obviously having deleted the majority of them since I first had an account in 2007. The All Mail label in gmail only has the actual emails I’ve saved. I’ve emptied the trash and bin folders etc but there are still nearly 13,000 emails showing up in eM Client. Any ideas how I can get it to actually reflect what is showing up when I log on to Gmail normally?
Thanks very much

All Mail is NOT a label. It is a folder. Gmail only has three: All Mail, Trash and Spam. All messages exist in the All Mail folder unless they have been deleted or moved to spam. Within the All Mail folder, messages have labels like Inbox, Sent, etc. that sort them into virtual folders.

Anyway, this problem most likely comes from your previous email client, which was not properly configured to work with Gmail. In some instances they just remove the label from the message when they “delete” them, rather than moving the message to the deleted folder on the server. In Gmail terms this is archiving, so the message ends up in the All Mail folder without a label, and will not be visible in any of the virtual folders like Inbox, Sent etc.

You could try a Gmail forum. Or even better, a forum for the previous email client you were using, as this is not an eM Client problem; it just gave you exactly what was there on the server like it is supposed to.

Ok thanks. I was using Outlook before so I guess the problem was with that