all mail blank

I chose eMClient to backup all mails from a gmail account from a business suite,
no that email account has been closed, I cannot access my offline email on eMClient!
It keep asking me to login, but it does not work, and all my messages are blank!
I cannot open any attached file anymore. 

How can I recover my messages?
I did a backup locally but email are blank…

The default setup in eM Client is IMAP, which basically is the same as a webmail interface; it just shows you what is on the server. So if something is deleted from the server, it will not be displayed in eM Client. 

So the same is true when the account has been deleted from the server; eM Client is not able to connect and so cannot display anything.

Making a backup of eM Client before the account is deleted will only work if you have specified the offline option in your account settings when you still had access to it. Then all the message content and attachments would have been downloaded to your computer. If you did not do that, then that data will not be on your computer so the messages will be blank.

As a Pro License user, you should open a support ticket directly with eM Client. They may be able to advise you further.