All incoming emails disappeared (now updated)

All the emails in my inbox have just disappeared!

Earlier today I was having problems sending a group email to five recipients containing an attachment of about 1.4Mb. I kept getting an error message.

Then this afternoon I tried to send it again and it went OK, but the contents of my inbox has disappeared at the same time!

EDIT - The emails have re-appeared however when I tried to reply to one of them I got this error message

“[IMAP]NO [SERVERBUG] Internal error occurred. Refer to server log for more information. [2021-04-28 15:45:37] (0.023 + 0.033 + 0.055 secs).”

I suspect that you have a possible “ISP Mail server” issue currently if its only just happened today.

Check that all your eM Client acct setup via is still the same and not changed via “Menu / Accounts”. If that all looks good, then i would suggest to contact your ISP and let them know that error.

Hi, I’m just wanting to clarify your reply… you’re suggesting that it may be the company that hosts my website? It wouldn’t surprise me; there seems to be a whole range of problems there which they seem unwilling to admit to.

Yes it looks to me like some sort of possible IMAP server mailbox type possible problem or maybe an IMAP mailbox glitch to give you that sort of error.

However one of the eM Client support staff I am sure will update this thread if it’s actually an EMC known bug. Be interesting to see if other users report this same error.

Have you tried completely closing eM Client and reopening and also rebooting your computer.