All Inboxes smart folder not showing all inboxes

[Just updated from EM6 to EM7 on Windows 10]

I have several Google Apps IMAP accounts and two Hotmail IMAP accounts.  All but one Google Apps account show Ok in Smart FOlders > All Inboxes.

I have tried removing the account and re-adding it, running the folder repair tool, turning off the All inbox show option, rebooting the computer, reinstalling EM7, but all to no avail.

Can anyone suggest what else I might try to sort this, please?

Many thanks.

Problem sorted!

In case anyone bumps into the same issue, open Smart Folder and right-click on All Inboxes, then select Apply Rule…

You can reselect the relevant inboxes there and once you click Run, the rules will reindex the folder (which can take a while if you’ve got a lot of emails.

For me the Apply Rule did not solve the problem: I still have mails in Gmail Inbox which I don’t see in Smart Folder->All Inboxes…

I solved my issue: after removing the Gmail account and adding it again, the Gmail Inbox reappeared in Smart Folder->All inboxes.

I had this issue recently in Ver6 free and when upgraded to Ver7 free/demo.
My ISP email Inbox was visible in the Smart Inbox but not the Gmail account.
I did both of the above fixes (took ages and a bit scary removing account and seeing all your email disappear) but neither worked. Eventually I closed and reopened EM client and the gmails appeared in the smart Inbox so probably one of them worked!