All inboxes naming conventions, "smart" folders, tutorial videos

I’m trialing the emclient. A few immediate impressions to feed back: the tutorial videos seem out of date when comparing to current screen appearances/screen shots. This has shown up in the context of trying to work out whether, if I name inbox subfolders on different email accounts the same literal name, eg, “Amazon Purchases” in all emclient accounts, will there be an “Amazon Purchases” smart folder, or similar, in the list at the top? If not, is there an alternate solution, so that I can move messages from inbox to approp subfolders?

Second question: if I have received notice that folder names are ‘incorrect’, eg because they contain the '/" character, can i alter the folder names from within emclient, and if so how, or must i got to email webpage ( etc) to change folder names there?

Many thanks.

The information is hopelessly out of date. For example, they are no longer called Smart Folders. Since the release of version 8, they have been called Favorites. But the concept should be pretty much the same regardless. :wink:

Anyway, you can create a sub-folder of your Inbox and name it Amazon Purchases. If you have more than one email account, and you want to have similar folders in each, you will need to create a separate Amazon Purchases sub-folder for each account.

Then, if you want to combine all these separate Amazon Purchases folders into a single folder, you can do that with Search Folders. Right-click on the Search Folder and choose New Search Folder. Give it a name, then for folders use Custom Selection and select all the individual Amazon Purchases folders. That will give you a combined view of all your selected folders.


You can find out more about Search Folders in the Help File, even if it is a bit outdated.