all functions are slow

Everything I do with eM Client is slow.  eM Client windows don’t want to be dragged on a screen.  It took forever for a recent email from eM Client (the 'Welcome to eM Clients Inc.'s community! etc.) to allow me to scroll or download the “pictures” associated with it. Dragging it on the screen took time.  It takes time to move from viewing on folder to another… Pulling up a new message to write is delayed, as is finding an address among the contacts.  This is not ‘just a little’ slow.  Some of the things I’ve describe can take from 30  seconds to a minute.  The program feels like it is on the verge of crashing.

I have uninstalled and re-installed the program.  I closed the re-installed program, but it hung when I tried to restart it.  I restarted the computer.  When the eM Client opened after restart it went through a data base check.  But it’s still performing so weakly that I don’t trust it.

Something is wrong, but I have no idea where to put my hands to fix it.  I am not experiencing this range of difficulties with other programs on this computer. The computer is running Windows 8.1 64bit. It’s and i7 with a Nvidia 750TI video card.

I agree that eM Client can sometimes perform slowly, but what you describe sounds more like it is related to your computer. Have you ever defragmented the hard drive?  Remove any bloatware programs installed in startup, and other programs in startup you do not require to load when you turn on the computer. Have you run a thorough virus scan?  Even if you have, install and run Malwarebytes as well. Another utility that sometimes picks up issues that major virus software does not is HitmanPro. Right click on the task bar (not sure if W8.1 retained that) and run Task Manager to see what else is running in background.  Use the Processes tab to do this.  You can also use it to see how much memory is being utilized.  I am not a techie. These are just tips I picked up over the years.

Hello David, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?

How long have you been using the application and what mail service are you using the application with? Are you using any security software on your computer? You can try to run this database utility, which essentially checks your database files for corruption and cleans it of unused database tables, this can occasionally speed up some background processes, that may occasionally slow down the application performance temporarily.

If the issue persists, please run this tool when the application seems to be unresponsive or takes a long time to process an action. This will create a dump file in your documents folder, please submit this dump file(s) to my work mail with a reference link to this forum topic.